Support through Connection

Your story is worth sharing

EleosHub is a patient to patient support App that arranges in person meetings between people with similar health concerns.
Find someone in your community going through similar health challenges, exchange knowledge and develop long term supportive relationships. 
Greek goddess of compassion
App in Beta Testing

Anytime, Anywhere

At EleosHub we believe connections need to be in person to truly have a life changing impact. There is something about meeting a person face to face, looking them in the eyes, shaking their hand and then sharing your pain that has an immense healing power. The transference of compassion still requires the human presence. Our mission is to use modern tools of communication to facilitate profound human connection with the purpose of attaining compassionate support in difficult times.

So how does EleosHub work?

1. Register
Access to online support networks for everyone.
2. Create a Profile
Set the terms on which you would like to connect.
3. Start Writing
Share your story.
4. Get Matched
Find help in your area.
5. Connect
Meet others with similar concerns face to face, or online.
6. Build Community
Share your knowledge and find the support you need.

App in Beta Testing

Start experiencing the benefits of peer support:

Feeling more empowered
Less health complications
Improved social interactions
Reduced hospital visits
Remembering to take medications